0453I Am The Hero PCSB-01201Action » Beat-'Em-Up2018-11-28
1613I Am The Hero PCSG-01257VLAS-40035Action » Beat-'Em-Up2019-03-04
1699I Am The Hero PCSE-01188Action » Beat-'Em-Up2018-11-27
1739I and Me PCSE-01358Action » Platformer » 2D2019-03-05
1740I and Me PCSB-01319Action » Platformer » 2D2019-03-06
0666I Doll U PCSG-00592VLJM-35223Adventure » General2015-07-16
0673IA/VT -COLORFUL- PCSG-00355VLJM-35112Miscellaneous » Rhythm2015-07-30
1577Ice Cream Surfer PCSB-01293Action » Shooter2018-12-09
1607Ice Cream Surfer PCSE-01245Action » Shooter2018-07-17
1608Ice Cream Surfer PCSB-01232Action » Shooter2018-07-18
1502Iconoclasts PCSB-01192Action Adventure2018-01-23
1503Iconoclasts PCSG-01184Action Adventure2018-01-23
1504Iconoclasts PCSE-01177Action Adventure2018-01-23
1635Iconoclasts PCSE-01295Action Adventure2019-01-18
1706Iconoclasts PCSH-10132Action Adventure2018-12-17
1018id: RebirthSession PCSG-00965VLJM-30210Adventure » General2016-11-24
0948Idol Death Game TV PCSG-00865VLJS-05090Action Adventure2016-10-20
1427IDOLiSH7 Twelve Fantasia! PCSG-01094VLJS-08003Action » General2018-02-15
1077Ikemen Bakumatsu: Unmei no Koi PCSG-01020Adventure » General2016-12-26
1453Ikemen Sengoku: Toki o Kakeru Koi - Aratanaru Deai PCSG-01063VLJM-38084Action » General2018-03-22
0808Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna PCSG-00756VLJM-35302Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-02-18
1215iKnow! PCSC-80028Miscellaneous » General2014-06-26
1842Illusion of L'Phalcia PCSE-01418Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2019-08-06
1851Illusion of L'Phalcia PCSB-01387Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2019-08-21
0118Imaginstruments PCSF-00210Miscellaneous » Rhythm2013-01-09
1088Imaginstruments PCSA-00113Miscellaneous » Rhythm2013-05-28
0401Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto Datte Iitai! PCSG-00337VLJM-35097Adventure » General2014-04-24
1732Indigo 7: Quest for Love PCSH-10305VLAS-40088Miscellaneous » Puzzle2021-08-30
0291Indoor Sports World PCSB-00436Sports » General2013-12-04
0305Indoor Sports World PCSE-00041Sports » General2013-12-17
0377Infinita Strada PCSG-00359Strategy » Turn-Based2014-04-22
1244Infinita Strada Hana PCSH-00278Strategy » Turn-Based2016-08-04
1578Infinita Strada Hana PCSG-01189Strategy » Turn-Based2018-05-22
0366Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts PCSG-00270VLJM-30065Action » General2014-02-27
0695Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge PCSG-00584VLJM-35237Adventure » General2015-09-03
1361Infinity PCSB-00837Miscellaneous » General2016-08-13
0314Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition PCSE-00271Action » Fighting » 3D2013-11-12
0328Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition PCSB-00356Action » Fighting » 3D2013-11-29
0338Injustice: Kamigami no Gekitotsu PCSG-00248VLJM-35068Action » Fighting » 3D2013-12-19
2130Injustice: Kamigami no Gekitotsu PCSG-00353Action » Fighting » 3D2013-12-19
1568InkSplosion PCSE-01237Action » General2018-05-08
1569InkSplosion PCSB-01230Action » General2018-05-09
1570InkSplosion PCSH-10116Action » General2018-05-11
0146International Snooker PCSB-00157Sports » General2013-03-13
0217inviZimals: Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges PCSF-00235Miscellaneous » Card Battle2013-07-31
0324inviZimals: Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges PCSF-00415Miscellaneous » Card Battle2014-01-29
1384inviZimals: Hidden Challenges PCSA-00122Miscellaneous » Card Battle2013-08-03
1742inviZimals: New Alliance PCSF-00533Miscellaneous » Card Battle2014-02-14
0307inviZimals: The Alliance PCSF-00164Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2013-10-30
0491inviZimals: The Alliance PCSA-00137Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-09-30
1614inviZimals: The Alliance PCSF-00448Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2013-10-30
0512inviZimals: The Resistance PCSF-00510Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-10-29
0674inviZimals: The Resistance PCSA-00552Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2015-05-26
0544Invokers Tournament PCSB-00595Strategy » Real-Time2014-12-03
0747Invokers Tournament PCSE-00637Strategy » Real-Time2015-09-15
1099iO PCSE-00876Miscellaneous » Puzzle2017-02-14
1101iO PCSB-00948Miscellaneous » Puzzle2017-02-14
1229Irezumi no Kuni PCSG-00899Action » General2016-09-30
1040Iron Sea Defenders PCSE-00966Strategy » Real-Time2016-11-22
1044Iron Sea Defenders PCSB-01029Strategy » Real-Time2016-11-23
1756Iron Snout PCSE-01369Action » Beat-'Em-Up2019-04-16
1757Iron Snout PCSB-01327Action » Beat-'Em-Up2019-04-17
1760Iron Snout PCSH-10152Action » Beat-'Em-Up2019-04-18
0595Irotoridori no Sekai: World's End Re-Birth PCSG-00462VLJM-35153Adventure » General2015-03-19
1051ISLAND PCSG-01000VLJM-35431Adventure » General2017-02-23
1272It's Spring Again PCSE-01119Miscellaneous » Edutainment2017-07-28
1291It's Spring Again PCSB-01132Miscellaneous » Edutainment2017-09-08
1229Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary PCSG-00932VLJM-30241Miscellaneous » Board Games2017-10-19
1207Iwaihime: Matsuri PCSG-01083VLJM-38010Adventure » General2017-09-07
1682IxSHE Tell PCSG-01297VLJM-38158Adventure » General2020-01-30



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