1617P3D & P5D Full Soundtrack PCSG-01215Miscellaneous » General2018-05-24
1676P3D & P5D Full Soundtrack PCSH-10130Miscellaneous » General2018-09-20
1677P3D & P5D Full Soundtrack PCSH-10131Miscellaneous » General2018-09-20
1183Paint Park PCSA-00059Miscellaneous » General2012-04-17
1184Paint Park PCSF-00137Miscellaneous » General2012-04-18
1537Paint Park PCSD-00019Miscellaneous » General2012-04-19
1538Paint Park PCSC-80007Miscellaneous » General2012-04-19
1181Paint Park Plus PCSA-00111Miscellaneous » General2013-06-04
1182Paint Park Plus PCSF-00314Miscellaneous » General2013-06-05
1369Paint Park Plus PCSD-00064Miscellaneous » General2013-06-04
0807Panda Run PCSB-00900Action » General2015-12-09
0926Panda Run PCSE-00489Action » General2016-07-12
1570Panic Palette PCSG-01247VLJS-08022Adventure » General2018-12-13
1474Papers, Please PCSB-01084Adventure » General2017-12-12
1478Papers, Please PCSE-01056Adventure » General2017-12-12
1806Paradox Soul PCSE-01401Action Adventure2019-07-02
1807Paradox Soul PCSB-01360Action Adventure2019-07-03
1824Paradox Soul PCSH-10162Action Adventure2019-07-19
0904Paranautical Activity PCSE-00821Action » General2016-05-31
1074Paranautical Activity PCSB-00870Action » General2016-06-01
1075Paranautical Activity PCSG-00890Action » General2016-12-21
0586Parfait PCSG-00549VLJM-35214Adventure » General2015-02-26
1638Pato Box PCSH-10149VLAS-40034Action Adventure2019-04-19
1683Pato Box PCSE-01268Action Adventure2018-10-02
1476Peasant Knight PCSE-01082Action » Platformer » 2D2019-03-19
1513Peasant Knight PCSB-01107Action » Platformer » 2D2019-03-20
1748Peasant Knight PCSH-10120Action » Platformer » 2D2019-03-22
1265Penny-Punching Princess PCSB-01197Role-Playing » Action RPG2018-04-03
1618Penny-Punching Princess PCSE-01321Role-Playing » Action RPG2019-03-19
1744Penny-Punching Princess PCSE-01143Role-Playing » Action RPG2018-04-03
1697Perils of Baking PCSB-01317Action » Platformer » 2D2018-11-09
1847Perils of Baking PCSH-10210Action » Platformer » 2D2019-08-16
1689Perils of Baking: Refrosted PCSE-01342Action » Platformer » 2D2018-10-23
0865Period Cube: Torikago no Amadeus PCSG-00853VLJM-35341Adventure » General2016-05-19
1090Period: Cube - Shackles of Amadeus PCSE-01012Adventure » General2017-04-28
1125Period: Cube - Shackles of Amadeus PCSB-01060Adventure » General2017-04-28
1700Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight PCSB-01256Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-12-04
1702Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight PCSE-01274Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-12-04
1495Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night PCSG-01031VLJM-30237Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-05-24
1541Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night PCSH-10108VLAS-40028Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-09-20
0182Persona 4 Golden PCSE-00120Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2012-11-20
0211Persona 4 Golden PCSB-00245Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2013-02-22
0655Persona 4: Dancing All Night PCSG-00364VLJM-35152Miscellaneous » Rhythm2015-06-25
0712Persona 4: Dancing All Night PCSE-007642100429Miscellaneous » Rhythm2015-09-29
0737Persona 4: Dancing All Night PCSB-00867Miscellaneous » Rhythm2015-11-06
1286Persona 4: Dancing All Night PCSH-00211VLAS-38114Miscellaneous » Rhythm2015-12-24
0109Persona 4: The Golden PCSG-00004VLJM-35001Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2012-06-14
1311Persona 4: The Golden PCSH-00021VCAS-34012Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2012-08-16
1162Persona 4: The Golden (Playstation Vita the Best) PCSG-00563VLJM-65004Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2015-02-05
1701Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight PCSB-01257Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-12-04
1703Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight PCSE-01275Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-12-04
1496Persona 5: Dancing Star Night PCSG-01030VLJM-30238Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-05-24
1542Persona 5: Dancing Star Night PCSH-10109VLAS-40027Miscellaneous » Rhythm2018-09-20
0541Phantasy Star Nova PCSG-00351VLJM-35102Role-Playing » Action RPG2014-11-27
1246Phantasy Star Nova PCSH-00143VLAS-38084Role-Playing » Action RPG2015-03-26
0214Phantasy Star Online 2 (Special Package) PCSG-00141VLJM-35031Role-Playing » General2013-02-28
0346Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PCSG-00277Action » Beat-'Em-Up2014-03-13
0440Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PCSB-00583Action » Beat-'Em-Up2014-07-30
1454Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PCSH-00091Action » Beat-'Em-Up2014-08-05
1569Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PCSE-00458Action » Beat-'Em-Up2018-08-10
0739Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz PCSF-00718Action Adventure2015-11-11
0776Phineas and Ferb: Day of Doofenshmirtz PCSA-00798Action Adventure2015-11-10
0237PhotoKano Kiss PCSG-00139VLJS-05018Adventure » General2013-04-25
0111PhotoKano Kiss AR PCSG-00160Miscellaneous » General2012-12-20
1174Photon3 PCSG-01071Miscellaneous » Puzzle2017-06-29
1734Pic-a-Pix Classic PCSE-01376Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-02-26
1735Pic-a-Pix Classic PCSB-01330Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-02-26
1820Pic-a-Pix Classic PCSH-10172Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-07-16
1562Pic-a-Pix Color PCSE-01253Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-04-24
1564Pic-a-Pix Color PCSB-01185Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-04-25
1804Pic-a-Pix Color PCSH-10170Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-07-02
0297Pic-a-Pix Color 2 PCSB-01388Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-07-09
1814Pic-a-Pix Color 2 PCSE-01422Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-07-09
1716Pic-a-Pix Pieces PCSE-01357Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-01-08
1717Pic-a-Pix Pieces PCSB-01318Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-01-08
1745Pic-a-Pix Pieces PCSG-01270Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-03-20
1846Pic-a-Pix Pieces PCSH-10171Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-08-14
0078Picotto Knights PCSG-00078Role-Playing » General2012-09-20
0202Pinball Heroes Complete PCSA-00109Miscellaneous » Parlor2013-07-02
0205Pinball Heroes Complete PCSF-00167Miscellaneous » Parlor2013-07-03
1524Piofiore no Banshou PCSG-01139VLJM-38111Adventure » General2018-08-30
0779Pirate Solitaire PCSB-00673Miscellaneous » Card Battle2015-11-17
0849Pirate Solitaire PCSE-00751Miscellaneous » Card Battle2016-03-01
0496Pix the Cat PCSE-00553Action » General2014-10-07
0498Pix the Cat PCSB-00645Action » General2014-10-08
1660Pix the Cat PCSE-01326Action » General2019-06-21
0781Pixel Hunter PCSB-00885Action » General2015-11-20
0852Pixel Hunter PCSE-00874Action » General2016-03-08
0216PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD PCSE-00307Strategy » Real-Time2013-07-30
0218PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD PCSB-00393Strategy » Real-Time2013-07-31
0285PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD PCSG-00269Strategy » Real-Time2013-11-26
0407PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PCSE-00451Action » Shooter2014-06-03
0410PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PCSB-00548Action » Shooter2014-06-04
0416PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PCSG-00384Action » Shooter2014-06-18
1163Plague Road PCSB-01142Role-Playing » Action RPG2017-09-19
1201Plague Road PCSE-01074Role-Playing » Action RPG2017-07-28
1722Planet RIX-13 PCSE-01336Adventure » General2019-01-16
1723Planet RIX-13 PCSB-01304Adventure » General2019-01-16
1147Plantera PCSE-01092Strategy » General2017-05-23
1150Plantera PCSB-01119Strategy » General2017-05-24
0009Plants vs. Zombies PCSE-00064Strategy » General2012-02-21
0022Plants vs. Zombies PCSF-00105Strategy » General2012-02-22
0944Plastic Memories PCSG-00931VLJM-30201Adventure » General2016-10-13
0183PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PCSA-00069PCSA-22113Action » Fighting » 2D2012-11-20
0185PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PCSF-00153Action » Fighting » 2D2012-11-23
0199PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PCSD-00040VCAS-32031Action » Fighting » 2D2013-01-30
0200PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PCSC-00032VCJS-10007Action » Fighting » 2D2013-01-31
1212PlayStation Home Arcade PCSF-00228Miscellaneous » General2013-02-06
1222PlayStation Home Arcade PCSD-00045Miscellaneous » General2013-12-11
1354PlayStation Home Arcade PCSA-00083Miscellaneous » General2013-02-05
0408PlayStation Vita Pets PCSA-00139Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-06-03
0421PlayStation Vita Pets PCSF-00517Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-06-06
1169PlayStation Vita Pets PCSF-00518Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-06-06
1170PlayStation Vita Pets PCSF-00519Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-06-06
1171PlayStation Vita Pets PCSF-00088Miscellaneous » Virtual Life2014-06-06
0766Pocket God vs Desert Ashes PCSE-00682Strategy » Turn-Based2015-10-20
0537Pocket RPG PCSE-00558Role-Playing » Action RPG2014-11-25
0538Pocket RPG PCSB-00619Role-Playing » Action RPG2014-11-26
1375PocketStation for PlayStation Vita PCSC-80018Miscellaneous » General2013-12-03
0709Polara PCSG-00672Action » Platformer » 2D2015-07-31
1270Polara PCSE-01050Action » Platformer » 2D2017-07-25
1425Polara PCSH-00206Action » Platformer » 2D2017-06-15
0505Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror PCSE-00564Strategy » Real-Time2014-10-28
1399Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror PCSB-00736Strategy » Real-Time2015-09-25
0638Possession Magenta PCSG-00509VLJM-35224Adventure » General2015-05-28
0200Power Pro Stadium PCSG-00164Sports » Traditional » Baseball2013-06-26
1499Power Pro Stadium (New Version) PCSG-00262Sports » Traditional » Baseball2013-10-01
0012Power Smash 4 PCSG-00006VLJM-30002Sports » Traditional » Tennis2011-12-17
1379Pox Nora PCSE-00961Strategy » Turn-Based2017-10-31
1381Pox Nora PCSB-01027Strategy » Turn-Based2017-10-31
0089Present for you PCSG-00123Adventure » General2012-10-25
0934PriministAr PCSG-00905VLJM-30196Adventure » General2016-09-29
0677Prince of Stride PCSG-00491VLJS-00093Adventure » General2015-07-30
0177Princess * Strike! PCSG-00188Adventure » General2013-05-16
1187Princess Arthur PCSG-00271Adventure » General2014-02-26
1020Princess wa Kane no Mouja PCSG-00946VLJM-30205Role-Playing » Action RPG2016-11-24
0090Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012 PCSG-00031VLJM-35007Sports » Traditional » Baseball2012-03-29
0226Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2013 PCSG-00151VLJM-35029Sports » Traditional » Baseball2013-03-20
0372Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2014 PCSG-00288VLJM-35081Sports » Traditional » Baseball2014-03-20
0603Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2015 PCSG-00541VLJM-35198Sports » Traditional » Baseball2015-03-26
1659Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019 PCSG-01248VLJM-38145Sports » Traditional » Baseball2019-07-18
1425Professional Baseball Spirits 2013 PCSH-00030VLAS-38029Sports » Traditional » Baseball2013-03-20
0629Project Discovery: Daidai Daisuki! PCSG-00572Adventure » General2015-03-31
0651Project Root PCSE-00486Action » Shooter2015-04-28
0863Project Root PCSG-00783Action » Shooter2016-03-25
0986Project Root PCSB-00650Action » Shooter2015-05-19
0270Proteus PCSE-00311Adventure » General2013-10-29
0271Proteus PCSB-00358Adventure » General2013-10-30
1634Proteus PCSE-01121Adventure » General2019-01-18
1484Psychedelica of Gray Hawk PCSH-10091VLKS-70005Adventure » General2018-04-12
1512Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk PCSE-01166Adventure » General2018-06-29
1574Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk PCSB-01175Adventure » General2018-11-30
1418Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly PCSH-10077VLKS-70002Adventure » General2018-01-09
1492Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly PCSE-01164Adventure » General2018-04-27
1573Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly PCSB-01177Adventure » General2018-11-30
0939PsychicEmotion6 PCSG-00815VLJM-35377Adventure » General2016-10-06
0922Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PCSE-00904Adventure » General2016-09-13
0925Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PCSB-00985Adventure » General2016-09-16
1274Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PCSH-00284VLAS-38144Adventure » General2016-11-17
0836Psycho-Pass: Sentaku Naki Koufuku PCSG-00801VLJM-35334Adventure » General2016-03-24
0058Puddle PCSE-00042Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-07-24
0061Puddle PCSB-00025Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-08-01
0068Puls-AR PCSC-00021Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-08-23
0045PulzAR PCSA-00036Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-06-12
0046PulzAR PCSF-00036Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-06-13
1008PulzAR PCSD-00044Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-11-07
0750Pumped BMX + PCSE-00702Driving » Racing2015-09-22
1015Pumped BMX + PCSB-00803Driving » Racing2015-09-22
1531Punch Line PCSB-01259Action » General2018-08-31
1544Punch Line PCSE-01288Action » General2018-09-25
0860Punchline PCSG-00712VLJM-35310Action » General2016-04-28
0910PuraMai Wars V PCSG-00904VLJM-30194Adventure » General2016-08-25
0035Pure Chess PCSB-00080Miscellaneous » Board Games2012-04-18
0043Pure Chess PCSE-00086Miscellaneous » Board Games2012-05-29
0329Putty Squad PCSB-00101Action » Platformer » 2D2013-11-29
0399Putty Squad PCSE-00416Action » Platformer » 2D2014-04-22
1366Putty Squad PCSE-00389Action » Platformer » 2D2014-04-22
0352Puyo Puyo Tetris PCSG-00224VLJM-30054Miscellaneous » Puzzle2014-02-06
1439Puzzle by Nikoli V: Kakuro PCSH-00008Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-07-12
1437Puzzle by Nikoli V: Nurikabe PCSH-00010Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-08-02
0215Puzzle by Nikoli V: Slitherlink PCSE-00108Miscellaneous » Puzzle2013-07-30
1438Puzzle by Nikoli V: Slitherlink PCSH-00009Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-07-26
0145Puzzle by Nikoli V: Sudoku PCSE-00101Miscellaneous » Puzzle2013-03-12
1440Puzzle by Nikoli V: Sudoku PCSH-00007Miscellaneous » Puzzle2012-06-28



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