1185Wagamama High Spec PCSG-01084VLJM-38009Adventure » General2017-07-27
1200Wake-up Club PCSF-00181Miscellaneous » General2013-02-06
1235Wake-up Club PCSD-00015Miscellaneous » General2012-05-08
1249Wake-up Club PCSC-80004Miscellaneous » General2012-04-19
1250Wake-up Club PCSA-00067Miscellaneous » General2013-01-15
1596Waking Violet PCSE-01266Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-07-03
1597Waking Violet PCSB-01249Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-07-03
0786Walpurgis no Uta PCSG-00768VLJM-30166Adventure » General2015-12-23
0829Wand of Fortune R PCSG-00790VLJM-35330Adventure » General2016-03-17
1548Wand of Fortune R2 FD: Kimi ni Sasageru Epilogue PCSG-01208VLJM-38115Adventure » General2018-10-04
1059Wand of Fortune R2: Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku PCSG-00938VLJM-35437Adventure » General2017-03-09
0951Wanderjahr PCSE-00938Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-08-31
0953Wanderjahr PCSB-01006Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-08-31
1038Wanted Corp. PCSE-00036Action » Shooter2016-11-17
1039Wanted Corp. PCSB-01055Action » Shooter2016-11-17
1623War Theatre PCSH-10178VLAS-40043Strategy » Real-Time2019-08-23
1832War Theatre PCSE-01248Strategy » Real-Time2019-03-26
1778Warlock's Tower PCSE-01045Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-05-28
1779Warlock's Tower PCSB-01208Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-05-29
1785Warlock's Tower PCSH-10137Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-06-04
0492Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PCSE-00448Action » Beat-'Em-Up2014-09-30
0494Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate PCSB-00575Action » Beat-'Em-Up2014-10-01
0836WE ARE DOOMED PCSE-00793Action » Shooter2016-02-09
0837WE ARE DOOMED PCSB-00873Action » Shooter2016-02-09
1365WeatherNation PCSE-00364Miscellaneous » General2017-04-19
0090When Vikings Attack! PCSA-00075Action » General2012-11-06
0091When Vikings Attack! PCSF-00093Action » General2012-11-07
1012When Vikings Attack! PCSD-00051Action » General2012-11-07
0689Whispering Willows PCSE-00633Adventure » General2015-06-30
0690Whispering Willows PCSB-00727Adventure » General2015-06-30
0327White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukougawa PCSG-00249VLJM-35071Adventure » General2013-11-28
1286WindJammers PCSB-01083Sports » Alternative2017-08-29
1421WindJammers PCSE-01032Sports » Alternative2017-12-01
0251Winning Post 7 2013 PCSG-00194VLJM-35046Sports » General2013-06-20
0384Winning Post 8 PCSG-00238VLJM-35067Sports » General2014-03-27
0593Winning Post 8 2015 PCSG-00545VLJM-35196Sports » General2015-03-12
0841Winning Post 8 2016 PCSG-00804VLJM-35322Sports » General2016-03-31
1058Winning Post 8 2017 PCSG-00998VLJM-35424Sports » General2017-03-02
1449Winning Post 8 2018 PCSG-01174VLJM-38080Sports » General2018-03-15
0021WipEout 2048 PCSC-00006VCJS-10002Driving » Racing2012-01-19
0041WipEout 2048 PCSA-00015PCSA-22003Driving » Racing2012-02-15
0069WipEout 2048 PCSF-00007Driving » Racing2012-02-22
1317WipEout 2048 PCSD-00005VCAS-32009Driving » Racing2012-02-22
2112Witchcrafty PCSE-01516Action » Platformer » 2D2021-07-20
2120Witchcrafty PCSB-01478Action » Platformer » 2D2021-07-20
1923Without Escape PCSE-01445Adventure » General2020-01-14
1925Without Escape PCSB-01410Adventure » General2020-01-15
1926Without Escape PCSH-10219Adventure » General2020-01-15
0834Wizardry: Torawareshi Bourei no Gai PCSG-00511Role-Playing » General2016-02-05
0797Wizardry: Torawareshi Tamashii no Meikyuu PCSG-00512Role-Playing » General2015-12-03
1517Wizards of Brandel PCSG-01298Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2019-11-06
1911Wizards of Brandel PCSE-01432Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2019-12-03
0566Woah Dave! PCSE-00519Action » Platformer » 2D2015-01-06
0568Woah Dave! PCSB-00662Action » Platformer » 2D2015-01-07
0134Word Maze by POWGI PCSE-01453Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-12-17
1914Word Maze by POWGI PCSB-01418Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-12-17
1915Word Maze by POWGI PCSH-10228Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-12-24
1644Word Search by POWGI PCSE-01286Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-08-07
1646Word Search by POWGI PCSB-01267Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-08-07
1795Word Search by POWGI PCSH-10166Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-06-25
1690Word Sudoku by POWGI PCSB-01307Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-10-23
1691Word Sudoku by POWGI PCSE-01339Miscellaneous » Puzzle2018-10-24
1789Word Sudoku by POWGI PCSH-10168Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-06-18
1781Word Wheel by POWGI PCSB-01367Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-06-04
1782Word Wheel by POWGI PCSE-01394Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-06-04
1848Word Wheel by POWGI PCSH-10179Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-08-20
1839Wordsweeper by POWGI PCSB-01366Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-08-06
1841Wordsweeper by POWGI PCSE-01395Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-08-06
1861Wordsweeper by POWGI PCSH-10180Miscellaneous » Puzzle2019-09-06
1180World Election PCSG-01088VLJM-38003Adventure » General2017-07-20
0954World of Final Fantasy PCSE-00880Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-10-25
0960World of Final Fantasy PCSG-00709VLJM-35293Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-10-27
0963World of Final Fantasy PCSB-00951Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-10-28
1251World of Final Fantasy PCSH-00223VCAS-34125Role-Playing » Console-style RPG2016-10-25
0705World Trigger: Borderless Mission PCSG-00647VLJS-00117Action » General2015-09-17
0841World Trigger: Smash Borders PCSG-00832Action » General2016-02-17
1530WorldEnd Syndrome PCSG-01114VLJS-08008Adventure » General2018-08-30
0254Worms Revolution Extreme PCSE-00286Strategy » Turn-Based2013-10-08
0257Worms Revolution Extreme PCSB-00332Strategy » Turn-Based2013-10-09
0305WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship PCSB-00345Driving » Racing2013-10-25
0439WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship PCSE-00411Driving » Racing2014-07-29
0450WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship PCSG-00376VLJM-30086Driving » Racing2014-07-24
0722WRC 5: FIA World Rally Championship PCSB-00762Driving » Racing2015-10-16
0764WRC 5: FIA World Rally Championship PCSE-00667Driving » Racing2015-10-13
0152WRC FIA World Rally Championship 3 PCSE-00242Driving » Racing2013-03-26
0155WRC FIA World Rally Championship 3 PCSB-00204Driving » Racing2012-10-12
0201WRC FIA World Rally Championship 3 PCSG-00149VLJM-30033Driving » Racing2013-01-31
1991Wurroom PCSB-01446Adventure » General2020-04-01
1993Wurroom PCSE-01477Adventure » General2020-04-01



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