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Yu need work mach harder, mi dumperr! Gud vizitor statistiks but not gut amaunt of dumps! Made dump and contakt here or I wil be mad! Alsou du not foget chek REDUMP List and sant a fix to ze same mail.

Kim Jong Un

Friends, we are looking for a designer. We don't really want to change anything in existing design but we need a good template for our main/index page which must contains News section and switcher between PSP and PSone Classics databases. If you have such skills and you want to help, contact us immediately... and if you think that you have enough knowledge to make a full redesign of the Renascene, feel free to write us a message too ;)

Last but not least, we have had a lot of contributions since the last message we published on the main page of PSP section of Renascene. Thanks and respect to all our friends and fans for their words and all the help. BUT WE NEED MORE! YES, WE'RE GREEDY! Take a look at the Optimus. He is angry. Why? Because he knows that you have a game and don't want to share it with the world. Shame on you! Write us right now if you have an undumped game or prepare for Prime's metal ... in your tiny ass!

Yours faithfully,
Renascene Team

Dear Renascene users, read this message very carefully. It appeared once but you can always check it by clicking Message link on the top of the page.

First of all we want to ask administrators of friendly sources to post a news about our Undumped and Redump lists on your sites. You can do it by linking to us or independently by posting lists with a comment to your users that you are looking for untouched dumps of these games. Please contact with us if you will make a decision to post this news on your site.

Secondly we all can see that there are a lot of visitors from Japan here but we still did not receive any message from the inhabitants of this beautiful country excluding one man from bitGamer who make crazy things by dumping japanese PSN releases. Thanks a million to him... but we must remember that we have a lot of patched and rebuilt dumps of japanese UMD titles! We are quite sure that some of you have a possibility to redump well-known bad dumps from Redump List so do not hesitate to contact us if you already have one or more required dumps or can dump a retail disc(s).

At the end of the speech, we want to thanks all our contributors, helpers and fans of course. We are trying to make our best to provide you with all the latest information, watermark-free screenshots for PSP and PSOne Classics games... and PSV games? maybe...

Yours faithfully,
Renascene Team