Penny-Punching Princess

GenreRole-Playing » Action RPG
Media IDPCSE-01321
DeveloperNippon Ichi Software
PublisherNIS America
Publish Date2019-03-19
Dump status
Region Duplicates
1020CARDJPPrincess wa Kane no MoujaPCSG-009462016-11-24
1265PSNEUPenny-Punching PrincessPCSB-011972018-04-03
1618CARDUSPenny-Punching PrincessPCSE-013212019-03-19
1744PSNUSPenny-Punching PrincessPCSE-011432018-04-03

You can do anything if you have the money! The concept for the title "Princess ha Kane no Moja" is to "settle everything with the power of money." In other words, it is a new sensational action RPG for the player to break through the stage by force using money to buy off enemies and schemes. There is also no game over if you have the money...

So control the princess who has lost everything including her country and family in a world of capitalism where "money is power" in order to defeat the corrupted money market!