GenreSports » Traditional » Soccer
Media IDPCSB-00341
DeveloperElectronic Arts
PublisherEA Sports
Publish Date2013-09-27
Dump statusNoNPDRM
Region Duplicates
0282CARDUSFIFA 14PCSE-002632013-09-24
0283CARDUSFIFA 14PCSE-002652013-09-24
0289CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003392013-09-27
0290CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003422013-09-27
0291CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003432013-09-27
0292CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003402013-09-27
0293CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003412013-09-27
0300CARDJPFIFA 14PCSG-002012013-10-17
1388CARDEUFIFA 14PCSB-003472013-09-27
1533CARDUSFIFA 14PCSE-002642013-09-24

There might be no greater rush in sports than driving the winning goal into the back of the net. FIFA 14 lets you feel what it's like to be one of the world's greatest goal scorers. Experience a new Pure Shot feature that combines with improved ball physics to transform every shot attempt. Out-muscle opponents to protect the ball and use sprint dribble turns to weave through defenders. Feel the momentum shift as you build tempo and move through midfield to create opportunities. Attackers and defenders both react more intelligently to support your moves. Join fans across the globe in the EA Sports Football Club, where you can connect, compete, and share the world's most beautiful game.