Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 2

GenreSports » Traditional » Baseball
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UMD Version 1.03
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The Konami big-headed baseball series is back with new features. The biggest is the PoTaCa card system, used both for unlocking content in the game and as item/stat cards in the all new Pawagacha player creation mode. In this latter mode of play, gamers create players by collecting random ability capsules and setting them into slots. The PoTaCa cards are used to enhance the player's abilities beyond the capsules. The game also offers improved wireless features, including the ability to obtain PoTaCa cards at different Wi-Fi access points, and a new messaging system, allowing gamers to exchange messages automatically with up to ten players who pass by.

  • A new messaging system
  • Wireless multi-player
  • Obtain different cards at different Wi-Fi access points
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