San Goku Shi V

GenreStrategy » Turn-Based
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0089UMDASSangokushi_V_CHT_PSP-SJJULAS-420142005-08-14217 MBNFO
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Koei, makers of the wildly popular Shin Sangoku Musou (a.k.a. Dynasty Warriors) games delivers their third PSP title with Sangokushi V. A port of a 1997 Playstation One game, Sangokushi V (a.k.a. Romance of the Three Kingdoms V) is a turn-based strategy game set during China's famed Three Kingdoms era. Players take control of one of the famous armies - Wu, Wei, or Shu - and attempt to unify China through massive turn-based strategic battles. As usual, many famous characters from the Three Kingdoms era are present, and replay value is high thanks to the myriad options and characters the player can control. The PSP's hardware ensures that the game's load times will be sped up, and there's even the inclusion of a small overhead map that can be seen during all the battles.

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