Plus Plum 2 Again Portable

ぷらすぷらむ2again ポータブル
GenreMiscellaneous » Puzzle
Archive size95 MB
UMD Version 1.03
Extra Info correct dump!
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An ancient artifact which holds untold power is discovered in a small burg but no one knows how to unlock its mysteries. The mayor of the town announces a competition for the prize with the stipulation that the winner spends a month trying to decipher the artifact's secrets. When news of the contest spreads, champions from around the world descend on the town to get a chance at ferreting out the artifact's power. Twelve adventurers in particular have plans for the mysterious artifact...

Enter Plus Plum 2 Again, a competition puzzle game which features three types of falling objects that must be color-matched in groups of three. The wrinkle in PP2A is that once a color-match is performed, the disappearing objects change the colors of every contiguous object. For example, a red sphere shifts to blue if a color-match is triggered next to it. By careful planning and color stacking, one may create multi-chain color combos by taking into account the color change factor as objects are faded from the screen. The other wrinkle in Plus Plus 2 Again is the concept of weight in the game. The platform that holds each player's crop of falling objects is a scale which rises and falls based on how many blocks are sitting on it.

A new feature in the PSP conversion of the game is the "Cheer Point" element where the audience's applause and cheer is turned into a powerful attack against an opponent.

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