Sengoku Cannon: Sengoku Ace Episode III

GenreAction » Shooter
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Mash buttons like there's no tomorrow in Sengoku Cannon! This action game, based on the classic Sengoku Ace game franchise, makes its debut on the PSP as a side-scrolling shooter. The game features a total of ten playable characters, all designed by Jun Tsukasa, the artist behind the previous games in the series. Leading the cast is one-eyed blond samurai Ein and female shaman Koyori, both members of previous Sengoku Ace games, and new characters include Mizuka, a disciple of a previous Sengoku Ace character, and Masamitsu, a young man out to find his missing fiancee. Players take on the roles of these samurai, who fly (!) through the sky and blast foes with a variety of psychic weapons. Holding down the button charges a supershot, and there's even a powerful weapon called the cannon shot at the player's disposal.

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