Bounty Hounds

GenreAction » Shooter
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
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UMD Version 1.01
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0618UMDJPBounty_Hounds_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUTULJS-000212006-09-201.07 GBNFO

Hundreds of years into the future, Terraforming has made it possible for humans to colonize other planets - and thus for humanity to encounter Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI.) War ensued over the acquisition and conquest of planets, which lead to employment of mercenaries who would scout planets deemed fit for habitation. The band of these ruthless mercenaries was called Bounty Hounds. As Maximillian, the leader of Bounty Hounds, your mission is to battle different alien species spread across planets. With a variety of new weapons and items as well as Wi-Fi play to match up against a friend, Bounty Hounds delivers an exciting weapon-based action adventure for PSP™ portable entertainment system gamers.

  • Full Arsenal of Weapons: With over 500 weapons and armor, you are ready to face more than 40 alien species on your 40 expansive missions in 4 distinctive worlds.
  • Battle Your Way with Double Weapons: Wield two separate weapons - one in your right, another in your left. Two categories of weapons allow you to use melee weapons for close combat and ballistic weapons for long range combat.
  • Go Head-to-Head with a friend: Wirelessly connect with a friend with only one copy of the game.
  • Variable Content Allows for Repeated Play: Advanced enemy AI changes according to player health, weapon strength and weapon type. No gameplay experience is the same!
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