Simple 2500 Series Portable!! Vol.3: The Doko Demo Suiri

SIMPLE2500シリーズポータブル!! Vol.3 THE どこでも推理 〜IT探偵 全68の事件簿〜
PublisherD3 Publisher
GenreAdventure » General
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Part of D3's line of budget-priced Simple Series games.

A follow-up collection of adventure tales originally, on PS1 and PS2 (one of the best-selling in the Simple Series), this series features a number of detective graphical adventure mini-tales. For the PSP game, there are a total of 68 stories: 18 from the original The Suiri, 20 from part 2, 20 more from the second PS2 version, and 10 brand new stories. New graphics and voices are now part of the game, and the PSP version features a new interface for easier play.

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