GenreAction » Platformer » 3D
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish - German - Italian
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UMD Version 1.00
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Daxter is a totally fresh take on the Jak and Daxter universe by casting him as the main character and finally allowing gamers to play as the wisecracking sidekick. Daxter aims to set the standard for character action games on the PSP while pushing the Jak & Daxter universe in new directions enabling players to see it from a totally different perspective. The game takes place during the two years Daxter spends trying to find and free Jak, who was imprisoned during the events that led to that start of Jak II. Daxter is now on his own, in an unknown place and quickly realizes that being small and furry doesn’t do a lot for his chances of survival. Taking on the job as pest exterminator to help stamp out a mysterious bug infestation, Daxter explores parts of Haven City and collects clues to find Jak. The thing is, nothing ever goes his way and Daxter will soon realize that he’ll get more excitement from his job than he bargained for! The graphical style stays true to the Jak & Daxter universe, taking the player through various locations unexplored in Jak II and Jak 3. Daxter’s swatter and bug spray gun will offer unique action mechanics across numerous seamless environments. Additionally, Daxter’s vehicle maneuvering skills are put to the test with various vehicle levels.

  • A return to pyre platform based gameplay with a starring role for Daxter
  • 15 levels with 25 missions, including Dream Sequences
  • Fun and quirky weapons/gadgets that only Daxter could utilitize –such as the Fly Swatter, Backpack Spray Gun,and Crop Duster
  • Single player as well AS 2-4 Wireless (AD HOC) gaming
  • Unlock cool new tracks and weapons in tandem with Jak X.
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