WRC: FIA World Rally Championship

WRC - FIA World Rally Championship
GenreDriving » Racing
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Immerse yourself in the first officially licensed handheld FIA World Rally Championship game – packed full of exhilarating stages set in the toughest terrains the world has to offer. Experience the "in your face" thrills and spills of rally on the move – feel the speed, embrace the power, taste the mud!

  • Featuring the 16 official rallies from around the globe including Japan and Mexico, plus 19 bonus stages and downloadable content enabled
  • 30 fully deformable cars, including Evolution and Extreme spec cars, plus all 17 official 2004 registered drivers, from the 6 official manufacturers
  • Link up to other PSPs via WiFi for multiplayer battles in 16 super special stages allowing you to pit your wits against the best WRC drivers in the world
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