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The heroine, Okazawa Midori, is a second year student in junior college. In order to have a graduation trip with her friend, Togawa Saki, Midori has been working part-time since spring. It's going to be a 10-day cruising tour around Northern Europe. Her parents are worried because this will be her first time traveling abroad, but they give the permission as long as she can find a job.

On the day of the trip, Midori stepped onto a plane for the very first time. She feels nervous because everything is a new experience for her, and so the tour group depart from Narita towards Arvesta Airport in Sweden. Unfortunately, Midori runs into numerous trials and troubles in Northern Europe. She can't speak English despite having knowledge of the language.

Things get worse when Midori gets separated from Saki, ends up lost in the airport, AND gets robbed on top of that. She submits an application to make a new passport, but since it's going to take a while, she will be staying in a hotel in the meantime.

In an unfamiliar land, Midori meets people she can't have a proper conversation with… and the experience gradually changes her.

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