Hanasaku Manimani

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Our heroine, Nao, is a high school student living in the present world. One day, Nao came to a nearby shrine for the summer festival… and somehow she got thrown back in time. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in an unfamiliar land. A peculiar scenery lies before her eyes. It appears that she experienced a time slip back into the period of intense upheaval—the Edo period. The town she landed in is really different from the present world. Nao is incredibly shocked and troubled.

With no idea of how to return to the present, Nao is at loss when she meets a young man named Kurama. He offers to help her, and even though she has doubts, she has no place to return in Edo. She decides to rely on his kindness, and so he takes her to live at his acquaintance's place—a brothel called "Manju-ya".

However, Manju-ya is different from a regular brothel. Along with time, Nao starts finding out the secrets behind the place. She learns things hidden by the people who work there, at the same time growing closer to them.

They want to touch, but they can't.

They want to convey, but they can't.

Irritation towards the unchangeable truth.

The "truth" and "will" hidden behind the screen.

In an endless cycle called fate, Nao finds a lot of feelings and begins to grow up.

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