Hanaoni: Koisomeru Koku - Eikyuu no Shirushi

華鬼 ~恋い初める刻 永久の印~
PublisherIdea Factory
GenreAdventure » General
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UMD Version 1.01
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Demon brides are girls cursed to fall into the lands of the demons. All their gestures seem alluring to men and all of these girls are hated by women. Kanna has lived the first 16 years of her live in the inhospitable human world and from now on, she will live with the demons as the lord's bride.

Yet, not all is well, for her intended groom sees her as an obstacle and attempted killing her in several occasions and to make matters worse, other demons sees her as the weak spot of the lord and seeks to kill her. Her only source of protection is the lord's team of guards, and even they might have ulterior motives.

Survive the demon bride curse, the attempts at your life and find your destined man/demon.

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