Ragnarok Tactics

PublisherAksys Games
GenreRole-Playing » General
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After uniting to save itself in a war with demons and gods, humanity turns against itself in this epic strategy RPG. During the Holy War, the humans built a magical barrier to stop demonic creatures that threatened their world. Long after, the Aura Republic and Branshaldo Empire find themselves on the verge of war again, this time with each other. Step into this uneasy peace and experience an immersive story filled with rival factions, threatening monsters, and multiple possible endings. Customize your character's skills, stats, and job class, and fight strategic battles with explosive tactics like Burst Strike, Overdrive, and other twists on RPG combat.

  • Immersive Story. With multiple factions to support and a plethora of different endings to pursue, Ragnarok Tactics has a vast wealth of original story content for players to enjoy
  • Engaging Strategic Battles. Go beyond standard strategy RPG combat with a variety of unique tactical mechanics, such as the Overdrive, Burst Strike, or even resting mid-battle!
  • Interact with Friends. Using the capabilities of the Ad Hoc mode, you can exchange weapons and engage in an “Extra Battle” with another player’s created units
  • Customizable Characters. True to the spirit of former Ragnarok games, Ragnarok Tactics features customizable characters complete with modifiable skills, stats, and job classes
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