Weiss Schwarz Portable: 2 Turn-me

ヴァイスシュヴァルツ ポータブル 2ターン目
PublisherBandai Namco Games
GenreMiscellaneous » Card Battle
Archive size291 MB
UMD Version 1.02
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
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Weiß Schwarz Portable 2nd Turn is not truly a game, but some sort of expansion that allows you to fight against some of the series characters: young versions of Nanoha and Fate from Lyrical Nanoha, Index and Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index, Kanade from Angel Beats!, Kudryavka from Kud Wafter, Haruhi and Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Saber and Rin from Fate, Haruka and Chihaya from iM@S, Sherlock and Cordelia from Milky Holmes and Ranka and Sheryl from Macross F.

Each character's voice is used as the announcer, and plays with decks that heavily features their own self.

It uses the same save data from the main game and you can choose "chalenge mode" (you play 8 consecutive card battles against Fate, Index, Kud, Nagato, Rin, Chihaya, Cordelia and Ranka in random order) and "extra challenge mode" that unlocks when you beat the previous one (you play 8 consecutive battles against Nanoha, Mikoto, Kanade, Haruhi, Saber, Haruka, Sherlock and Sheryl in random order). Once you beat any character you can choose her for a single battle.

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