Musou Orochi 2 Special

無双OROCHI2 Special
PublisherKoei Tecmo Games
GenreAction » Beat-'Em-Up
Archive size1.37 GB
UMD Version 1.01
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
2935UMDJPMusou_Orochi_2_Special_JPN_PSP-BAHAMUTULJM-060972012-07-181.68 GBNFO
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Several years after the battle against the Serpent King, Orochi. The heroes of the Three Kingdoms period of China and the Warring States States era of Japan continued their struggles to seize control of this new universe, even after its creator had perished.

But those petty human struggles would suddenly be brought to an end, as a terrible and collosal monster appeared, casting its vast shadows across the land.

Resembling a giant serpent with eight heads, it destroyed castle and devoured entire towns. Their military resources drained from the constant warfare, the humans had no chance against it.

There were some warriors who survived the initial wave of carnage. They joined forces, and formed a Resistance Army to tackle the might of the beast.

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