Persona 2: Batsu

ペルソナ2 罰
GenreRole-Playing » General
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UMD Version 1.00
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Sumaru City, Japan, the year 2000. The Grand Cross, a famous convergence of the planets, has passed without incident. The latest urban legend among high schoolers is that of the "Joker Curse" - call your own cellphone to hire an assassin. Teen magazine reporter Maya Amano is sent on an assignment to Seven Sisters High School to cover the Joker murders. Her roommate Urara Serizawa tags along. But the assignment turns deadly when the principal is found murdered, and the M.O. points to the Joker. The two women join forces with police officer Katsuya Suou and mysterious wiretapper Baofu to track down the source of the Joker curse. But will this really end the insanity in Sumaru City? Does the mysterious deja vu felt by the citizens of Sumaru have some deeper meaning? And who is the mysterious boy that Maya's certain she's seen somewhere before...?

According to Famitsu, there are a couple of new additions/improvements in the PSP edition:

  • Loading times will be greatly improved
  • A fast-forward option will be included for event scenes, as requested by the users in the prequel
  • Option to change the speed of the battle, like "Speedy", etc.
  • There is a new scenario starring Tatsuya and featuring a woman with long black hair
  • The player can change the color of the menus: white, red, blue, yellow, pink, and purple in that exact order, corresponding to Persona 1, Persona 2, Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 3 Portable (female route) respectively while the purple scheme has no current parallel.

Satomi Tadashi (Scenario writer for the older Persona games) states that the new scenario changes everything the player knows about fighting shadows.

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