Grand Knights History

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Vanilla Ware takes the gamers away from the far east in Muramasa to the land of swords and magic in Grand Knights History. The beautiful 2D sprites are back along with the delicately painted stages.

The continent of Ristia is on the brink of an all out war, the three largest nations Union, Avalon and Logres are vying for each other's land, and amidst this chaos, a lone knight rises up the ranks.

The battles take place on a spherical stage. Align your troops into formations. Some of these formations raise your attack power while others replenish your HP. React quickly to your enemies' attacks, for they can break your formations. Each character can adopt a weapon and become a specialist, or they can become a master of all weapons, just be sure to level up your weapons by using them frequently to learn the sure kill attacks.

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