Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

テイルズ オブ ザ ワールド レディアント マイソロジー3
PublisherBandai Namco Games
GenreRole-Playing » General
MultiplayerAdHoc: - | Infrastructure: -
CRC327A5CE0BD (PSN CRC: 934C20C2)
Archive size1.36 GB
UMD Version 1.00 (Update: 1.01)
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
2508UMDJPTales_of_the_World_Radiant_Mythology_3_JPN_PSP-CaravanNPJH-503532011-02-081.68 GBNFO
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Join Canono on her quest to explore the whole world. With sketchbook in hand, the girl seeks to draw all the scenes in Luminesia. Make the flying ship Baneltea your base and enter the guild Adoribitom.

Clear missions, win items and team up with the swordsmen, magicians and whatnot in the Tales franchise. There are 50 new characters and 30 of them are player characters, including Asbel, the hero in Tales of Graces.

The game adopts the popular free run battle system which gives you complete freedom to strike out, or dodge in the battle field.

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