Shirokishi Monogatari Episode Portable: Dogma Wars

白騎士物語 −episode.portable− ドグマ・ウォーズ
GenreRole-Playing » General
Archive size500 MB
UMD Version 1.00
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Region Duplicates
2503UMDJPShirokishi_Monogatari_Dogma_Wars_JPN_PSP-CaravanUCJS-101152011-02-01788 MBNFO
2633UMDEUWhite.Knight.Chronicles.Origins.EUR.PSP-RANTUCES-015112011-06-081.05 GBNFO

Hold the Alchemy Crystal in your hand and transform yourself into the knight - a one man army who can withstand the attacks of a thousand soldiers. With the handheld's adhoc networking mode, you can join forces with other knights you meet on the train or bus to battle the overwhelming forces of the empire.

This time, the pace of the story is tied to the speed you clear missions. Since the Asvaan Ressha regiment you joined camouflages themselves as mercenaries, you'll have to accept quests from all sorts of people to advance in the game.

Dogma Wars adapts the PlayStation3 system to the PSP for handier use. The familiar skill slot is still there, but instead of using AC, you'll be spending MP when you release your killing blows. There are more customizable options in this edition, so come design your perfect knight.

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