Pachinka Mania P: CR Tekkenden Tough

パチンカーマニアP CR 鉄拳伝タフ
GenreMiscellaneous » Parlor
Archive size1.14 GB
UMD Version 1.01
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
2409UMDJPPachinka_Mania_P_CR_Tekkenden_Tough_JAP_PSP-STORMANULJM-056702010-10-311.33 GBNFO

"Slot machines" is a frequently seen in the casino gambling entertainment machine, and even play slot machines with special entertainment, games are played is the slot (coin) inputs, then will randomly appear in different patterns, such as stopping time, such as appear consistent with the same or similar design to connect a specific person, in accordance with its odds to win. With the rise of digital electronics, slot machines from the original design, developed into today's computer-controlled map and High-style game.

PSP Desktop for pachinko new "craze pachinko P: CR Biography iron fist" to the original comic-based production, to inherit the original received favorable comments on the various functions, players can enjoy anytime of the fun of real machines. In addition, to also reproduce the physical machine for the production of the original performance.

In the PSP version of "Fever pachinko P: CR Biography Iron Fist", the player can also Ad Hoc mode (wireless mode), and Game Sharing (game sharing) to achieve more than two players play against online. The PSP version of the game currently scheduled for August 26, 2010 sale, games, UMD version sells for 4,961 yen (tax included), as there is love of the players not to be missed.

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