Judie no Atelier: Gramnad no Renkinjutsushi - Toraware no Moribito

GenreRole-Playing » General
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UMD Version 1.02
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Being entrusted to create the potion of time is the start of Judith's misadventures. As one of the most difficult potions, everything in the recipe has to be followed to the most exact degree, and unluckily, an unneeded material fell into the cauldron - her own hair.

And boom, she gets transported 200 after her own time. vNevermind, she'd just go gather materials and create the time potion to get back. Travel the future world with the happy go lucky girl, hunt down monsters, gather herbs and befriend the enchanting characters who'd either help you on your adventures.

The PSP remake gives you more places to explore, monsters to fight and the gameplay is adjusted to suit both old and new gamers. Cute and fun, the alchemy RPG Judie no Atelier is now available for Sony PSP.

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