Burst Error: Eve the First

バーストエラー イブ・ザ・ファースト
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
GenreAdventure » General
Archive size971 MB
UMD Version 1.02
Extra Info correct dump!
Region Duplicates
2185UMDJPBurst_Error_Eve_the_First_JPN_PSP-HRULJM-056152010-04-031.26 GBNFO

Burst Error the adventure was a huge hit when it debutted on the PC in the mid 90s and was later ported to the Saturn and PlayStation2. Now, the game is remade with new scenarios, character designs and game flows.

The game is a visual novel where you read the story through point of view of Marina and Kotaro and you use command prompts to choose routes. Swich the characters around when you encounter problems in the puzzles, a fresh point of view will give you new hints.

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