Obscure The Aftermath

PublisherIgnition Entertainment
GenreAction Adventure
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish - German - Italian
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Archive size775 MB
UMD Version 1.01
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The sequel to Obscure takes place two years after the gruesome events of the first game.

The survivors have gone on to college and try to return to their normal lives. After the discovery of a beautiful but strange plant on school campus, events take a turn for the worse. Soon, the college students have to battle for survival once again.

Players of Obscure The Aftermath can choose their character and one AI controlled sidekick. In total there are six playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. These can be switched at various points in the game. Due to the game\'s co-op feature, friends can join at any time to team up and attempt surviving the game together. There are many available weapons to keep the monsters that hunt you at bay. Light might be the players\' biggest ally because you never know what\'s lurking in the shadows.

  • Six individually developed characters, all with their own unique skills
  • Unique co-op mode; a second player can join in or drop out at any time
  • Highly detailed and rich 3D environment
  • Huge variety of weapons and horrifying monsters
  • Stunning soundtrack performed by the Boston String Quartet and the Paris Opera\'s Children\'s choir
  • User accessible playlist of the musical tracks and FMV cutscenes
  • Stunning storyboard, artwork and concept art galleries
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