Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

GenreAction » Shooter » Third-Person
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-6 | Infrastructure: -
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UMD Version 1.01
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0176UMDUSGhost_In_The_Shell_Stand_Alone_Complex_USA_PSP-ARTiSANULUS-100202005-10-26756 MBNFO MBNFO
0547UMDJPKoukaku_Kidoutai_Stand_Alone_Complex_-_Kariudo_no_Ryouiki_JPN_READNFO_PSP-BAHAMUTUCJS-100182006-08-11769 MBNFO

In a world without borders, terrorism knows no limits. Section 9 is back to give the cyber-terrorists a run for their money. Play as different members of Section 9 to solve the latest terrorist threat. Use Motoko's agility, Batou's strength, Togusa's stealth or Saito's sniper skills to investigate the mysteries of Berutarbe.

  • Train and customize your Tachikoma – teach them early on and you'll reap the rewards as the battles heat up! Add weapons parts and accessories to enhance their abilities.
  • Choose from more than 40 different weapons; from hand guns to rocket launchers and sub-machine guns
  • Play wirelessly! Take out your enemies in wireless battles and communication or trade Tachikoma weapons, parts and AI data.
  • Hack into enemies or surveillance systems to break down the terrorist cells.
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