Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haoh

北斗の拳 ラオウ外伝 天の覇王
GenreAction » General
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UMD Version 1.02
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Raoh Gaiden - Ten no Haō is a 1-on-1 fighting game based on the manga and anime spinoff of the classic manga Fist of the North Star. Over a dozen characters are present, each of which has their own specific set of attacks and abilities, as well as specific special attacks that require building special meter before they can be used.

As in the original manga, the game focuses on Raoh, Kenshiro's oldest brother and a brutal warlord. The story mode casts the player as Raoh, fighting many of the characters he encounters in the original story, while the versus mode allows the player to select any character and fight against either the CPU or another player via wifi.

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