Gretzky NHL 06

GenreSports » Traditional » Ice Hockey
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: 2
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The only hockey franchise worthy of The Great One returns to the PSP™ in Gretzky NHL ‘06. Blur the line between arcade and simulation in the new Wayne VS. Wayne Mode. Earn “99 Time” and have up to five playable Gretzky’s on the ice at once. Receive player attribute bonuses by playing as a team in the new Team Chemistry feature. Two additional new modes, NHL Showdown and 3-on-3 Countdown give gamers on the go fast and furious NHL™ action.

  • New Wayne vs. Wayne Mode - Blur the line between arcade and simulation! Earn "99 Time" by executing big hits and combos, earning a chance to skate with the Great One on the ultimate power play!
  • New Team Chemistry - Earn player and team attribute bonuses by sharing the puck, playing great “D” and lighting the lamp.
  • New NHL® Showdown Mode – Take your favorite NHL® team and play the other 29 teams to see if your squad has the talent to climb the ladder and rise to NHL® supremacy.
  • New 3 0n 3 Mode – With only three skaters per team on the ice take advantage of the open ice in this dynamic, arcade style mode of play with no clock or rules. Set the amount of goals needed for victory with the first team to reach zero being the winner.
  • Gretzky Challenge – Earn points by matching the achievements of The Great One. Use those points to unlock throwback jerseys, hidden teams and even five different playable versions of Gretzky. Wireless NHL™ Action – Two different types of wireless gameplay, Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure let you play with another PSP user across the room or country.
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