Garnet Chronicle: Kouki no Maseki

ガーネットクロニクル 〜紅輝の魔石〜
GenreRole-Playing » Console-style RPG
MultiplayerAdHoc: - | Infrastructure: -
Archive size741 MB
UMD Version 1.01
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Region Duplicates
1611UMDJPGarnet_Chronicle_JPN_PSP-CaravanULJM-053692008-10-21788 MBNFO
1631UMDASCrimsongem_Saga_ASIA_PSP-BAHAMUTUCAS-402122008-10-31832 MBNFO
1823UMDUSCrimson_Gem_Saga_USA_PSP-BAHAMUTULUS-104002009-06-03837 MBNFO
2877UMDKOAstonishia_Story_2_KOR_PSP-iNDULKS-461422012-04-13834 MBNFO
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For some people, it's an expression. For Killian von Rohcoff, well, he's pretty sure someone tattooed it onto him somewhere when he wasn't looking. After getting beaten for the top spot in his graduating class, he follows up a lead for a job that results in him getting his wallet stolen. Unfortunately for Killian, that's just the beginning. Fate has one heck of a roller-coaster in store for him, and in the center of the mess is an ancient artifact known as the Wicked Stone.

  • Return to essential RPG fun - Remember what made RPGs simply fun experiences? You'll find it here. Easy to pick up and play with a full package of addictive combat, beautiful graphics, interesting story, and fantastic voice work; this is a title that will charm genre newbies and veteran players alike.
  • Gratifying combo-filled combat - This is turn-based RPG combat at its most fun. Attack your enemies before they attack you to gain the advantage of the first hit in battle. Master the Critical Combo System to deliver multiple hits and deliver major damage to an enemy. Team up with allies to unleash massive dual, triple, or full-team attacks.
  • Distinctively beautiful 2-D world - Vibrant, colorful, and distinctive, this is a world that will draw and keep you inside the fantasy. Detailed character portraits and beautiful, fluid sprites further make this a treat for the eyes.
  • A far superior sequel - Forget what you know about the series because this is a totally new experience. With a complete graphical facelift, a brand new story and cast, and newly polished combat, this is a game that blows right past its predecessor.
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