WWII: Battle Over the Pacific

PublisherMidas Interactive
GenreSimulation » Flight
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UMD Version 1.01
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The time: World War II. The place: the skies over the Pacific Ocean ... and you are the only pilot who has what it takes to defeat the enemy forces. You will need your wits about you to gun down bomber and fighter planes. You will need accuracy and nerves of steel to fly into the flak from gunboats as you try and sink the enemy naval fleet. You will need sharp reactions and nerves of steel as you dive bomb convoys of tanks, ground troops and take out strategic enemy positions.

The risks are high but the glory even greater for those brave enough to take the P38 Lightning and F4U-4 Corsair into high speed dog fights before swooping in to bomb targets on land. The enemy planes are super quick and the pilots ruthless, so don't hang about admiring the scenery -- get in there!

  • Detailed and realistic backdrops
  • Multiple training levels and exciting multi-objective missions to complete.
  • Perform take-offs and landings from aircraft carriers for refueling and to change planes.
  • Choice of fighter and bomber planes plus extra hidden unlockable aircraft.
  • Targeting and bombing reticules for precision aiming.
  • Intuitive arcade controls get straight into the action.
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