Beta Bloc

PublisherEssential Games
GenreAction » General
CRC320413858E (PSN CRC: 74CF05C7)
Archive size44 MB
UMD Version 1.00
Extra Info correct dump!
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0416UMDJPSimple_2500_Series_Portable_Vol_5_The_Block_Kuzushi_Quest_Dragon_Kingdom_JAP_PSP-DMUULJS-000572006-04-2085 MBNFO
1376UMDEUBeta_Bloc_EUR_REAL_PROPER_PSP-ZER0ULES-007922008-06-1085 MBNFO
0100PSNUSBeta_Bloc_USA_PSN_PSP-HRNPUH-100292009-12-0485 MBNFO

Prepare your paddle for brick-breaking RPG action! 7 Dooms exist in this world, with legendary monsters waiting for your challenge! Turn your system on its side and operate the dragon paddle to fight through 120 challenging stages of brick-breaking action. Earn experience points and increase the strength and spell powers of your paddle as you take on a totally unique gaming experience mixing classic brick-breaking gameplay with RPG elements.

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