Transformers: The Game

GenreAction Adventure
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-4 | Infrastructure: -
LanguageFrench - Spanish
Archive size843 MB
UMD Version 1.02
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1098UMDEUTrAnSfOrMeRs_ThE_MoViE_GaMe_EuRo_Multi2_PROPER_PSP-LameAssFuckerULES-008252007-07-221.45 GBNFO
1134UMDEUTransformers_The_Game_EUR_PSP-HAZARDULES-008232007-08-16778 MBNFO
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Based on Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS property and upcoming live-action feature film from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures due out on July 4, TRANSFORMERS: The Game for the PSP instantly immerses players in the movie storyline with more than 20 playable AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS from both the live-action film and previous generations. Players protect the Earth as AUTOBOTS and destroy it as DECEPTICONS while experiencing the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite ROBOTS IN DISGUISE such as BUMBLEBEE, BARRICADE and others.

  • Incredible Cast of Playable TRANSFORMERS – Featuring more than 20 TRANSFORMERS, gamers play as a variety of AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Players experience the action-packed storyline from the film, as well as gameplay inspired by Gen 1 TRANSFORMERS.
  • Variety of Combat – PSP gameplay features three combat modes – Robot Melee, Robot Projectile and Vehicle Projectile – through 19 story-based missions. Melee combat allows players to use numerous combo moves, as well as a variety of environmental objects as weapons. Ranged weapons, such as blasters and missiles, can be used in both robot and vehicle form.
  • The World Is Your Playground – Playing through 10 massive environments, gamers save the world as AUTOBOTS and create tons of mayhem and damage as DECEPTICONS. Many areas are packed with destructible objects such as buildings, cars, lamp posts and trees, while others require players to navigate and traverse through the devastation caused by large scale combat.
  • Freedom of Choice – Fans engage in either vehicular or robotic combat and outfit and upgrade their TRANSFORMERS character with more than 10 unique weapon types based on the style of gameplay that they choose.
  • Multi-TRANSFORMERS Gameplay – Players battle in four-player Ad Hoc wireless competitions including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Ascension Rites (king of the hill) and Secure the Energon (capture the flag), in more than 10 multiplayer arenas. Gamers select the robot they want to play based on their preferred playing strategy, whether it’s fast and agile or calculated and deadly.
  • More Than Meets The Eye – Gamers unlock single-player weapons, multiplayer robots and fan-favorite artwork from the game, comics and movie through gameplay progression.
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