Mawaskes: Based on Carton-kun

マワスケス based on Carton-kun
GenreMiscellaneous » Puzzle
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-8 | Infrastructure: -
CRC32175E9B30 (fixed: C4BF9037)
Archive size84 MB
UMD Version 1.01
Extra Info underdump: 2048 bytes, use fix - DUMPS_FIX_PACK_4_iNTERNAL_PSP-PLAYASiA
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1092UMDJPMawaskes_Based_on_Carton_Kun_JPN_PSP-CaravanULJS-001052007-07-18127 MBNFO
1212UMDKOMawaskes_KOR_PSP-UCCUCKS-450682007-10-13124 MBNFO
1387UMDUSPuzzle_Guzzle_USA_PROPER_PSP-PLAYASiAULUS-103342011-09-21118 MBNFO
1894UMDEUMawaskes_EUR_PSP-ZER0ULES-011042009-08-27317 MBNFO

Like any good puzzle game, Puzzle Guzzle quickly turns from an entertaining pastime to a vexing challenge that is extremely addictive. As the pieces appear faster and faster, and in even more complicated patterns, players can go from trying to finish a level to simply trying to stay alive. For an even greater test of multi-lateral thinking skills, Puzzle Guzzle can be played competitively against a friend to see whose mind is quicker on the draw.

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