Nom Nation

PublisherPlayerthree Ltd
GenreAction » Platformer » 2D
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Nom Nation is a delicious platform adventure from Channel 4 Education and Playerthree.

You play as Chef, on a journey through five nutritious worlds on a mission to rescue the Book of Nom from Jabber the Gut, head of the McFatass Corporation. Only the Noms can help you succeed. Harnessing their hidden powers is the key ingredient. You can even take farting to a whole new level!

Nom Nation was developed to help 14-19 year olds learn more about food, nutrition, a balanced diet and the effects that food can have on your body. The Noms represent real foods and they have energy, fats, vitamins & mineral content based upon accurate data.

Playerthree worked closely with Dr Beckie Lang, a Public Health Nutritionist and expert on nutrition and obesity to provide guidance on the common food myths and what are the biggest areas of concern for healthy eating amongst the target audience.

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