King of Pool

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Ever since you were young you've played pool. After your friends introduced you to the sport, you knew it would be your hobby for life - but you never thought it would become your way of life. After long years of hard learning and practice, you're finally ready to start climbing the career ladder of a professional pool player and compete with the best of the best. You can see your goal on the horizon, and you know it - you'll be the King of Pool someday!

Join the world of pool sharks and have the opportunity to play in five unique locations. Choose from one of the biggest selections of snooker and pool games available, triumph against your rivals in Career mode, demonstrate your skills in Trick Shot mode, or use Free Play mode to test yourself. If you have a friend by your side, both of you can compete and have fun using Multiplayer mode.

  • 11 standard game types, including Snooker,Straight Pool, 8 Ball and others
  • 1 original game: Wanderer
  • Numerous pool tables of various designs
  • 5 unique locations
  • 3 Mini-Games
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