Age of Hammer Wars

PublisheriSquared Games
GenreAction » General
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UMD Version 2.01
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This game is a unique mixture of action, RPG and simulator. Player finds himself in the world, where the air is ruled by hovering vehicles – one of which he takes under control. According to a plot, player have to fight his way through the numerous combats with monsters and accomplish different missions. During the headway to the the heart of the fairy kingdom , player’s hovering vehicle gets new weapon, armor and other useful power-ups.

The basis of the game is its unique physics. The equipped weapon is connected to the player’s hovering craft which has physically realistic inertia. By moving your hovering craft in circles you can rotate its weapon. Keeping weapon spinning, hitting your foes with it, avoiding their own weapons and other dangerous threats – these are the main challenges of the Hammer Wars. Weapon type must also be taken into account, for instance, blades are more effective against armour, and heavier blunt weapon causes more damage to your enemy.

  • Simplified game controls for the best action dynamics
  • Unique combat system based on physics
  • About 25 missions of Gameplay
  • Super power hit ability to smash all enemies around!
  • Numerous weapons of all kinds from hammers to swords
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