Jelly Pops (v2)

PublisherPomPom Games
GenreMiscellaneous » Puzzle
SourcePSN minis
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UMD Version 2.00
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In Jelly Pops, you control a strange snake creature, which resides in a strange pond in a strange world. The aim is to stay alive as long as possible. Staying alive drains your live force, so Snake needs to collect life force gems to keep it going. With time, life gems become more and more scarce, resulting in a desperate race to reach the next gem before its lights out.

Between Snake and the life force gems are a myriad of other beasties that require special attention. Colored Jellies which boost your gems value when collected as part of a combo. Teethy fish things that try to blast you with plasma. Spiky rocks and walls. Bouncing spherical cells that can be controlled and used as battering rams. Each level with its own unique mechanics to understand and master.

  • Endless survival gameplay
  • 8 ponds to traverse
  • Fun, slippy slidey racing type gameplay
  • Bonus Spirit and Boost unlockables
  • Medals awarded for achievements
  • Custom music which dynamically chages with gameplay
  • Quick playtime -- the perfect game for filling 5 minutes
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