Mecho Wars

PublisherCreat Studios
GenreStrategy » Turn-Based
SourcePSN minis
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UMD Version 1.01
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The story of Mecho Wars details the rise of the Winged Crusade in the distant land of Divination Deserts, in a war between the Winged Crusade and the Landians. This is not your typical desert: there is plenty of water that separates land masses. To sustain your army, you’ll need to capture factories to expand your maximum army support, take over cities to earn gold from the rich economic hubs, and defeat the enemy by capturing their HQ building while simultaneously defending your own. Don’t forget strategic unit composition and troop positioning as each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Mecho Wars features a day/night cycle where the water that normally restricts your movement paths during the day freezes at night, allowing for unexpected skirmishes and ambushes. In addition to the rich, story-driven campaign, the Mecho Wars minis title features a new and extended soundtrack, a special set of individual challenge maps, and local multiplayer support on a single device for both the PS3 and PSP.

Mecho Wars achieves the perfect balance between the intense competitive strategy of army composition and troop placement and the invitingly casual and leisurely gaming experience lent by its turn-based combat system. The beauty of Mecho Wars is you can spend hours on end formulating the perfect strategy, unit composition, and battle placement tactics to best defeat your foe, or you can take your time and casually complete a turn every once in a while as you eat lunch or watch the news.

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