Petz: Hamsterz Bunch

GenreMiscellaneous » Virtual Life
LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish
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UMD Version 1.00
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Raise and care for your very own baby hamster, and nurture and play with one of the cutest and sweetest pets ever to build an everlasting friendship.

  • Adopt and care for your very own baby hamster and watch their personality develop
  • Customise your own unique hamster by choosing your favourite type and colour of fur coat from hundreds of different options
  • Their individual personalities will affect gameplay, such as the food types that they like and dislike
  • The better you care for your hamster, the better friends you two will become
  • Keep your hamster entertained and watch them do funny activities
  • Watch your hamster evolving in their own environment and playing in their wheel
  • When ready, your hamster's motivation level will increase and you will be able to enter them in all kinds of fun and competitive events
  • Realistic high-quality graphics that take advantage of the PSP technology
  • Hamsters look and behave more realistically than ever
  • Improved motions and behaviour due to PSP technology
  • Watch your hamster interact in realistic environments, whether it is your room or their own customised cage
  • Use the TV option on your PSP to observe and interact with different hamsters
  • Each channel corresponds to a different TV show where hamsters are doing different activities
  • Channels will differ depending on the time of day that you turn your TV on
  • At any time you can jump into the TV to interact with the hamster of your choice
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