Pool Hall Pro

PublisherIcon Games
GenreMiscellaneous » Parlor
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2 | Infrastructure: -
Archive size74 MB
UMD Version 1.06
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The world of pool finally comes to your pocket in real style! Featuring a series of wild characters, each with their own special powers, WORLD POOL gives you control of your own Crib. Use your mastery of the baize to unlock hundreds of items and kit out your Crib in a variety of the latest styles. Different designs may unlock a host of weird extras.

Challenge the many opponents over a huge variety of environments, counter enemy powers and perform unique character special moves in your battle to become top dog in the world of pool.

  • Unique special moves for each character bring a new angle to pool games.
  • Pool, snooker and billiards game modes to play.
  • Colossal number of venues, items, unlockables and game styles available. Find hidden characters, new moves, funky objects and more!
  • Multiplayer game modes for all three games. Show your custom crib off to your friends before beating them to the black!
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