Days of Thunder

PublisherParamount Digital Entertainment
GenreDriving » Racing
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UMD Version 1.01
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Days of Thunder is a racing game based on the popular motion picture. Experience the adrenaline and action-packed excitement of full contact stock car racing while battling the field of competitors! As Cole Trickle, speed your way through six style racing circuits, demolish your competition, and win the Days of Thunder Cup in Daytona!

  • High Octane Racing - Draft off of the cars in front of you and "Drop the Hammer" to get a burst of speed and invincibility.
  • Rivals - Advanced AI racers who will stop at nothing to take you out of the race.
  • Trade Paint With Your Opponents - Crash your opponent's car and watch the carnage in slow motion.
  • Earn New Speed Machines - Hunt down opponents, take them out and add their car to your garage.
  • Unlock New Tracks - Progress through Story Mode and earn achievements as you progress through the game.
  • Strategically Use Your Pit - Pull into the pits to refuel and repair your car.
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