World Neverland: The Nalulu Kingdom Stories

ワールド・ネバーランド ~ナルル王国物語~
GenreMiscellaneous » Virtual Life
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UMD Version 1.04 (Update: 3.00)
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Jump into World Neverland and live your dream life. First released on the PlayStation in 1997, the series has become more and more popular over the years. Get a job you like in the game and fall in love with your favourite character. But the game doesn’t just end here, the gamer can become the first generation’s children and the grand children, so that life goes on forever in Neverland.

The Sony PSP version becomes available on the PS Network in 2010 and ranked top place in the weekly charts. UMD release comes with all the DLC contents thus released, and provides the fullest Neverland Experience.

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