4x4 Jam

PublisherInvictus Games
GenreDriving » General
LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish - German - Italian - Dutch - Portuguese
SourcePSN minis
Archive size48 MB
UMD Version 1.02
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0275PSNUS4x4_Jam_USA_PSN_PSP-NRPNPUZ-001042011-01-07187 MBNFO
0399PSNEU4x4_Jam_EUR_PSN_PSP-ABSTRAKTNPEZ-002052011-02-17187 MBNFO

Find yourself behind the wheels of off-road vehicles in 4x4 JAM. Jump over your opponent or roll down a steep hill. No rules, no boundaries, racing is sheer fun.

  • Five unique gamemodes
  • Eight custom built vehicles
  • Player profiles up to 8 players
  • High score and best lap time records
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