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Caterpillar is a fast-paced, arcade game that pits you against relentless caterpillars. Take a stand against an army of pests in Caterpillar! Click and eliminate groups of matching tiles to prevent the tricky insects from reaching the finish line. Dissolve enough tiles while keeping the bugs at bay and you’ll advance to the next level. You can double the challenge in Pairs mode and stop two pests from zigzagging away in opposite directions. Race mode and Conundrum mode will present players with a whole new set of twists and challenges for hours of additional gameplay. With four different game modes to choose from and hundreds of levels to play, Caterpillar will keep reflexes sharp and give players a mental boost.

  • Four exciting games: Classic, Pair, Race and Conundrum
  • Three challenging skill levels -- Novice, Master and Guru
  • Virtually unlimited number of levels
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