Military History Commander: Europe at War

PublisherDeep Silver
GenreStrategy » Turn-Based
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LanguageEnglish - French - Spanish - German - Italian
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MILITARY HISTORYTM Commander: Europe at War is the first high level strategy game to come to the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, letting you control everything from diplomacy and economics down to research and military action. The game spans WW2, allowing players to control the axis or allied forces through the entire war in the European Theatre. Can Germany's rise be stopped or will the jackboots of the SS march through London?

  • Huge campaign map covering the USA to the west, Africa to the south, Scandinavia to the north and the Ural's to the east.
  • Intro movie and many in game movies at key events created from MILITARY HISTORYTM TV footage.
  • 6 epic scenarios including the operation Barbarossa, D-Day and the Grand Campaign.
  • Research over 50 inventions.
  • 12 unit types including Infantry, Motorized , Armour, Destroyers, Subs, Carriers.
  • Recruit and attach Historical Commanders to your units.
  • Detailed and realistic combat model.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master.
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