Armored Core 3 Portable

PublisherFrom Software
GenreSimulation » Sci-Fi
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UMD Version 1.01
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In Armored Core 3, it has been 20 years since the Earth Government and the Corporations battled for supremacy. The majority of humanity lives beneath the surface of the planet, relatively safe from the continuing struggle. A new and mysterious entity has entered the picture, however, snapping up all the available Ravens for intense missions that only their custom-built Armored Core Units can handle.

In Armored Core 3 Portable, players battle as members of the mercenary organization "Raven," piloting customizable mecha Armored Core (AC) units. The ACs are customizable with different weapons and machine parts that can be reconfigured as necessary to complete a variety of combat-intensive missions.

  • Over 50 action-packed missions
  • Enhanced menu interface and in-game visibility
  • Pilot a fully customizable AC unit, configuring weapons, parts, armor color and emblems
  • Over 200 parts available to assemble and create your own machine, including parts from the previous games in the series
  • PSP (PlayStation Portable) Ad Hoc Network support; easily battle up to four friends using a wireless connection
  • A new opponent from the Japanese Armored Core novel
  • Future-proof data can be saved and transferred to future Armored Core PSP titles
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