Summon Night 5

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Summon Night 5 is an award-winning tactical role-playing game for Sony’s PSP™ handheld game system. Its protagonists are the Eucross, a group of Summoners who maintain order and balance between parallel worlds bathed in magic that ebbs and flows based on the phase of the moon. The playable characters are Arca (a female Summoner) and Folth (male). Both are Eucross rookies, but their preternatural skills and charisma allow them to “Cross” successfully with any of four different partners: Dyth, Kagerou, Spinel and Pariet. Players can experience as many as 8 different variations of the story and over 14 different endings through repeated playthroughs, with different story arcs and Cross abilities determined by their choice of playable character and partner. There is Normal mode and also an Easy mode, designed for players who value the story and fun, but are terrible at strategy games.

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